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Audio Design Desk @ NAB 2023: Powerful audio tools for editors

1 minute read

Audio Design Desk is a next-gen AI sound design DAW that promises to quickly and intelligently solve many of the audio issues editors face on a regular basis.

Jared Otto, VP of Product Development at Audio Design Desk, gives us a hands-on demo of how the Audio Design Desk works and what makes it a strong option for any editors looking to boost their sound for their projects quickly and efficiently.

Working via an extension with Adobe Premiere and with a wee film called Everything Everywhere All At Once that you may just have heard of, Jared cleans the dialogue with a few buttons with the software's Isolator tool and demonstrates how editors can add sound effects easily and automatically sync them in the timeline at the right spot. 

It's a neat demo that showcases just how powerful dedicated audio tools can be and there's a lot more to it than just that brief description. Watch it below.


Tags: Audio