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CINEFLARES interactive lens flare library now in beta

Markus Förderer in action
1 minute read
Markus Förderer in action

Markus Förderer ASC BVK has launched CINEFLARES,  a new site dedicated to helping users explore and compare a large selection of cine lenses for their unique visual characteristics and response to light.

There are, frankly, too many lenses out there nowadays. Choice is good; too much choice can get paralyzing, so Markus Förderer’s idea behind CINEFLARES is to offer a resource that shows you exactly what you’re getting from each lens. 

CINEFLARES allows users to explore and compare a selection of cine lenses for their unique visual characteristics and response to light. Each lens has been professionally captured under controlled conditions utilizing state-of-the-art motion control and high-resolution large-format cameras. By capturing a bright point light source against a deep black background, each optic exhibits its distinctive flare pattern, contrast-holding ability, and individual color response—revealing the unique fingerprint or lens flare of each serial number. 

It’s an idea that seems to be catching on too. Users of CINEFLARES’ beta phase include top cinematographers like Academy Award winner Erik Messerschmidt ASC, who called it: “an essential first stop for cinematographers when comparing lenses. The ease of which it allows us to examine flare characteristics between lenses with a simple mouse click is extraordinary.”

 CINEFLARES library of cine lenses ranges from wide open to stopped down and from vintage to modern optics, and the company says it continues to grow ahead of a full launch next year. Currently, the beta version is free, with no word yet on the finalized price structure, but you can sign up to try it here.

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