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RØDE reckons its new PodMic USB is ‘it’s most versatile mic ever’

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The just released $199 PodMic USB adds a lot of new features alongside XLR and USB connectivity to RØDE’s well-regarded PodMic.  

Based on the extremely well-regarded original PodMic, RØDE reckons that the new PodMic USB takes versatility to new heights by offering both XLR and USB connectivity, plus loads of next-generation features for capturing professional sound with ease.

It features a high-power neodymium capsule that delivers warm, highly detailed audio that has been optimised for speech. Much like the original PodMic, it has a balanced sound signature that flatters all voice types and an in-built pop filter for managing plosives, ensuring clean audio capture. Its circuitry has been enhanced to deliver an even flatter frequency response and lower self-noise, and it also features tight cardioid polar pattern ensuring a focused sound with 'excellent' rejection of background noise from room reflections, as well as keyboard and mouse clicks.

The result is a mic that delivers broadcast-ready audio quality right out of the box when using the analog XLR output. It’s the digital USB output though that really brings the bells and whistles to the table. 


It has a professional-grade audio interface built in, with RØDE’s ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp and high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion ensuring top audio quality. It also features an on-board DSP for adding advanced APHEX audio processing to any recording. Activated and controlled via RØDE’s suite of free software solutions, RØDE Central, RØDE Connect and UNIFY, this DSP allows users to add a studio-grade compressor, noise gate, and high-pass filter to their voice, as well as the well-known Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects. These can be tweaked to taste using the VoxLab editor, which has three simple controls for Depth, Sparkle and Punch, allowing users to dial in the perfect sound for their voice in seconds.

For deeper control, the advanced editor gives users access to every single parameter for each processor. The microphone also has a high-power headphone output, which allows users to monitor audio with zero latency. The on-board volume control offers quick-and-easy level adjustment and doubles as a zero-latency on/off switch, or a mic mute when used with RØDE Connect or UNIFY.

Happily it looks good too; all-black as well as compact and low-profile, and features a custom pop filter designed to the exact dimensions of the mic, ensuring it is as unobtrusive as possible. Like the original PodMic, it is also extremely rugged, featuring an  all-metal construction from the body to the stainless steel mesh grille. The integrated swing mount allows for easy, flexible positioning and is internally decoupled from the body for superior isolation from keyboard and mouse clicks, and desk noise. The capsule is also internally suspended for maximum protection from vibrations caused by knocks and bumps. 

“Built like a tank is an understatement,” concludes RØDE entertainingly. 

Pricing is $199 and it’s shipping worldwide now. 

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