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Apple’s ‘scary fast’ event shot on iPhone using Blackmagic Camera

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Apologies if you feel you’re already overloaded with Apple stuff this week, but this BTS of Monday’s Apple ‘scary fast’ event is fairly illuminating.

We reviewed the Blackmagic Camera app recently and concluded that if you’re a regular mobile filmmaker, YouTuber, social media guru, or even just someone interested in mobile cinematography, the Blackmagic Camera app for the iPhone is definitely worth a try, especially considering the free price.

Well, we can now also add trillion-dollar company trying to promote its own products to the list, as the Blackmagic Camera was used on an iPhone 15 Pro to shoot the ‘Scary Fast’ event on Monday, where Apple dropped the news of its new M3-powered iMacs and MacBook Pros.

“This event being shot on a tiny, little iPhone, USB-C-out powering 50 monitors, and it’s going off without skipping a beat,” says an impressed Jon Carr, Pro Video Workflow Specialist at Apple. "This whole piece was low light, and low light is a little bit more challenging, and we nailed that.”

The iPhone was used just like a traditional camera and mounted on cranes, dollies, drones, and more. In fact, when you have a look at the brief BTS below, it is astonishing how much (very expensive-looking) equipment surrounds the phone. It’s kind of similar to when we wrote recently about lighting ensuring that your setup remains hefty, only this time it's the gravitational field of vast budgets rather than just the physics of lighting adding Brobdingangian amounts of kit and crew into the mix. 


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