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Hobolite's new X-Series allows users to ignore the weather

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The new Mini-X and LiteDock-X from Hobolite are the first products built by the company for photographers and videographers determined to get the shot regardless of weather conditions.

The new X-Series from Hobolite has just launched with two introductory products, the Mini-X and LiteDock-X. The Mini-X is a bi-color 20-watt battery-powered light that outputs up to 1600 lumens. The light will run for 50 minutes on the internal battery. For an extended running time, the Mini-X can be paired with the LiteDock-X, a 35-kWh battery pack for an uninterrupted 2.5 hours. The LiteDock-X can also be used as a handle for the Mini-X, or attached to a light stand.

Both are designed to withstand splashing water and keep out sand and dust while performing in temperatures from -30°C to 40°C (-22°to+104°F).  Crafted with the usual Hobolite styling, the X-Series features blue faux leather, differentiating it from the traditional brown of the regular product line. 

hobolite mini-x

Beyond its extreme weather design, the Mini-X boasts a range of decent features. Its dual-driver system ensures consistent and powerful illumination across the temperature range of 2700K - 6700K, while the built-in adjustable lens allows for fine-tuning of the light beam from 15°-45°. The knurled control knobs allow for easy adjustments even when wearing gloves, and integration with the Hobolite app allows for remote control. Furthermore, the magnetic mount design allows for swift attachment or detachment of accessories such as a diffuser dome and color filter gels to the barndoor for a quick change of the light output in seconds.

Pre-orders open on November 30 and prices start at $369 for the Mini-X and $269 for the LiteDock-X.

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