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LumaFusion: iPhone 15 direct drive, Apple Log files support, & more

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Some decent new features in the latest release of LumaFusion 4.1.1...

LumaFusion has released a new update to its mobile NLE app that includes support for iPhone 15 direct drive and Apple Log files via the Apple deLog LUT. It has also teamed up with Stu Maschwitz to include Prolost’s Apple Log to Rec 709 LUT.

The team at LumaTouch is always working in the lab on new features and improvements to LumaFusion, and this new release has some pretty cool and important ones.

  • Direct drive editing with the iPhone 15 via USB-C to an external drive. Just connect a cable, open the new version of LumaFusion, and start editing!
  • Support for Apple Log files via the Apple deLog LUT.
  • Prolost Apple Log to Rec 709 LUT support, which features a drag-and-drop deLog. I’m a big fan of the work from Stu Maschwitz and Prolost.
  • Improved support for 65-point 3D LUT import.
  • Export lower resolution GIFs.
  • Refinements, enhancements, fixes, and more.

LumaFusion is one of my favorite iPhone apps, and I regularly edit something with it, even just for fun or as part of a review. It's truly fully featured, including precision editing tools, Multicam support, color grading, VFX, sound, and more.

The external, direct drive support via the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 is a bit of a game changer. It frees up space on my iPhone 15 Pro and I don’t have to re-download clips from iCloud; I just connect to an external drive with a USB-C, open LumaFusion, and start editing. The Apple and Prolost deLog support is also nice, giving editors more baseline options for color grading.

LumaFusion is an affordable, fully featured mobile NLE for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, costing just $29.99 with free updates. Visit the LumaTouch site for more details. Even better, if you’re quick there’s a 50% off Black Friday pricing of $14.99.

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