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Maxon One intros enhancements for ZBrush in November release

Pic: Stephen Davidian
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Pic: Stephen Davidian

The latest updates to Maxon One include improvements for ZBrush, Cineware and the largest Capsules drop to date.

Maxon has got some comprehensive updates to several products included in the Maxon One subscription offering this month, including improvements for ZBrush, Cineware and a batch of new Capsules. 

Summing it all up first: The industry standard for digital painting and sculpting, ZBrush, is better than ever - with improvements to the Anchors Brush that was introduced in July, giving users new ways to manipulate meshes. Additional enhancements offer more control when using the Knife Brush and make it easier to repeat changes on a mesh. Cineware offers an improved import of Cinema 4D files into Unreal Engine and extends support for Redshift materials.

And into the detail...

ZBrush 2024 

The innovative Anchors Brush receives an update enabling use of the brush without the need for masking the surface.

Split to Parts extends Knife Brush capabilities by allowing assets to be divided into pieces while keeping sliced parts as separate or unified parts within the SubTool menu.

The Gizmo and Transpose tools now feature topology masking along with capacity to snap to the center of the masking region. The Gizmo and Transpose Lines can snap along the masked area, making artists’ masking workflow easier.

Cinema 4D noises are now available in the ZBrush surface noise gallery.

With the new Repeat to Similar feature, artists can easily repeat changes from a source mesh they are editing and have changes populate target meshes with the same polygon count. Repeat to Similar supports Sculpting changes, Full mesh replacement, Masking and Polygrouping.

Grow and Shrink mask capabilities are expanded to include more dynamic control and increased design potential.

A new stroke option called DragStamp is included. Allows for control of the intensity associated with an alpha being dragged onto the surface by moving the cursor back and forth.

Two new buttons were added for creases promoting more control over areas of an asset where creases and edges occur. Crease Unmasked and Uncrease Unmasked.

Insert Mesh Brushes are now compatible with Stroke menu options.


Cineware for Unreal now features an improved import of Cinema 4D files into Unreal Engine. Additionally, Redshift materials with subsurface scattering are now supported. The texture size can be adjusted before every import, allowing for more flexibility in managing texture quality.


This month's Capsules drop is the biggest ever - giving artists a wide assortment of resources to make their renders shine. A collection of Studio Lighting HDRs created with HDR Light Studio by Lightmap Ltd. will help kickstart product shots and title designs. Several trees, grasses and flowering plants have been added to the collection of plants from Laubwerk. 

Finally, Maxon continues to update its library of classic assets for Redshift compatibility - reducing poly counts, modernizing designs, and creating beautiful Redshift materials for all assets. This month features several generic household products that can be used to fill out a kitchen or set dress a grocery store. 

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